MAGBAHA-O, an exhibition by Terue Yamauchi

MAGBAHA-O, an exhibition by Terue Yamauchi:

“In March 2015 and June 2016, I was given great opportunities to visit the Matina Aplaya Badjau Community in Davao City, and stay there for 10 days in each time as part of The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in the Philippines. The main purpose of my stays was to experience and explore their living practices and life culture developed by living on or by the sea. This year, I noticed ‘magbaha-o’ or transitions occurring in their day to day lives, be it the growth of children, generational shifts in family members, and the progressing influence from outside cultures as their living field has converted from sea to land, out of necessity and circumstance. With this exhibition, I am presenting a body of work that aims to capture significant moments of transition I have witnessed in the community, such as sound recordings and video installations of the freely improvised songs of a Bajau grandfather to his grandchild’s lullabies. By setting the exhibition within the community, I hope to create a space for individuals from within and outside to encounter diversity in human experience, and the existing ‘organic intelligence’ among the Bajau”.



Assisted by Angely Chi, co-director of The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines.

*Project funded by The Japan Foundation Asia Center Fellowship Program.


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