Motohide Taguchi

Motohide Taguchi [JP] was part of The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist In Residence Program in the Philippines in November 2016. M. Taguchi´s project, ‘Creating Ritual on the War Time Memories’, aimed to craft a musical piece in the form of a ritual through workshops with young local music groups, focusing on the memories of war during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. The number of survivors who have experienced the war and have lived to tell their stories have decreased through the years, hence this is the last term in which younger generation will have a chance to listen to their stories. Taguchi’s project in Davao City offered important experiences on the reflections of war to both the artist and local participants through a series of interviews and a collaborative musical composition.

“In Davao City, the Southern Philippines, I facilitated a workshop with children in a local school to make an experimental music piece based on the memories of World War II, and to perform it in a concert. More than 70 years have passed since the end of the war. Davao was once the cradle of the biggest Japanese settlement in Southeast Asia, this project aims to reflect on the war through music from both Japanese and Filipino sides. With the kind support of the Philippine Nikkeijinkai ( Japanese-Filipino institution) International School in Davao, I conducted this workshop with their students. The output was presented in the form of a ritualistic performance on the 25th of November. Together we came up with a musical piece that could be played even by those without musical training . Furthermore, as part of my research during the residency, I interviewed local people who experienced the war and visited historical sites and museums related to that period and the Japanese community in the city. Other presentation at Ateneo Davao University was also scheduled”.

Motohide Taguchi studied composition under Prof. Michiharu Matsunaga, Prof. Msataka Matsuo and Prof. Kazuko Hayakawa. In 1999, he was selected as a sucsessful competitor of the 16th Japan Society for Contemporary Music (JSCM) Award for Composers. In 2002, he was selected as a participant of the International Young Composers’ Meeting in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Besides composition activities, he received an API fellowship (The Nippon Foundation) in 2002 and an Asia Fellowship (The Asian Scholarship Foundation) in 2010 to conduct researches on contemporary music in the Philippines and Indonesia (2002-2003) and Thailand (2010).